Common Pitfalls You Must Avoid While Constructing Your Restaurant

Are you planning to open a new eatery establishment? Opting for a restaurant construction Milwaukee can be very exciting. Once you find a location that you think is perfect for your project, you will feel like delving right into the details and start the build-out. However, you must keep potential issues in mind to ensure that you don’t have to put up with costly problems or lawsuits. Here you’ll find a few potential pitfalls associated with constructing a restaurant that may lead to litigation issues, which, in turn, will delay your grand opening.


When it comes to a new construction Milwaukee, no one should ever make the mistake of buying the lowest priced materials or hiring contractors that offer the lowest bids. If you do, then you’ll end up with shoddy artisanship, flimsy furniture, improper furnishings, and inappropriate equipment. While it’s only natural for an individual to seek ways to save money, it will lead to unnecessary repair or replacement-related expenses in a shortened timeframe. How will you get everything fixed when the opening day is just around the corner? You may also have to resort to a pricey lawsuit if you want compensation from the contractors or suppliers.

Not hiring professionals

Do you think your restaurant requires floor drains? What kind of fireproofing do you need? What do you know about the wait times associated with inspections? Will you get permission to build an outdoor patio combined with seating? These questions and other similar queries are commonplace for the construction companies and professionals operating in your area. They are aware of the local norms, rules, and regulations. They even have experience in passing inspections and avoiding expensive fines that you have to pay for code violations, which will further lead to redesign costs. Local construction professionals can work with the right people and navigate the entire process efficiently. It will help in expediting permits and inspections.

Not acquiring lien waivers

You may think that if you hire and pay a general contracting firm, you don’t need to bother about the subcontractors that provide materials and services to the company of your choice. You should stop believing it right now because your documentation with the general contractor has to incorporate specific lien provisions. For instance, the general contractor has to give you lien waivers from both his/her company and all the material suppliers and subcontractors working on the project. If you don’t resort to these contractual lien provisions, you may end up with an unpaid subcontractor or a supplier in your hand. The situation will add to your headache of attempting to discharge the lien. Some people even have to deal with disgruntled landlords, above everything else. After all, many commercial leases include prohibitions on having construction or mechanic’s liens on leased property.