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Our fine craftsmanship and multi versatile design team has afforded us a an exemplary reputation making us one of the most desirable construction companies in the business.

We are one of the leading Design and Build firms with almost no advertising. 

Our repeat business comes from a strong client base and positive word of mouth referrals. With an unwavering dedication to our work and a constant commitment to satisfy our clients, our full time office and project managing staff strives to complete every project in a timely manner and meet deadlines with as little interference to our client’s daily lives as possible.

We invite you to visit our virtual showroom  where you will see our  innovative design concepts with the latest products and the most recent trends available in today's market.

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Know who you are doing business with

by Malico Wason on 09/27/16

Way to many times we get the calls " What would you charge me to finish this job, I hired a horrible crew who I asked not to come back". As is said over and over.. The cheapest price is not the best! Whether you get two bids or ten, always make sure that your contractors are comparing apples for apples. It all starts with quality of materials. Yes there is much money that can be saved when you choose the cheapest materials but always think long term when it comes to construction. Far to often we feel that we can cut corners to save a few bucks and end up on the losing end. There are many ways to cut costs without compromising quality. When working on your project don't hire a carpenter to paint or a painter to do carpentry. The professionals that specialize in their fields can give you advice how to save money with different options in that field. At Workhorse we understand the job and your needs for this job before we evein begin. If you are not sure what your contractor is doing PLEASE STOP THEM and ask to explain again. 

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